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Kevin Shannon – Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker

Because It Is There is the home of Kevin Shannon, an Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker. His Adventures include cycling 10,000 miles to the end of Europe and back and walking the length of Serbia twice.

Kevin writes about his experiences for various publications and is currently completing his first book. He also speaks nationally and internationally about his adventures and how they helped to shape his life.


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No Coastline Needed

One of the questions I'm asked about Serbia most often, usually by people with no prior knowledge of the country, is does it have a coastline? Now I can perhaps illustrate why Serbia needs no coastline. I stumbled across the video by Nenad Maric and it's a great...

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My name’s Kev and I suffer from Clinical Depression

This is not easy to admit in the slightest but I suffer from depression. To be honest, I didn’t want to admit it to myself let alone stick this up on a public forum but a series of events have led me to the point where a Facebook contact convinced me to go public....

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Serbia – Land Coloured with Life

I just stumbled across this stunning video from directors Malwina and Michal Kolatek on Vimeo. The video really highlights the Serbia using stunning cinematography from all over the country. Here's what the duo had to say about the project: "When we read a post about...

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