Kevin Shannon – Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker

Because It Is There is the home of Kevin Shannon, an Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker. He’s pedalled 10,000 miles to the end of Europe and back, walked the length of Serbia twice and spent many a night out under the stars.

Kevin is currently working on a book telling the story of his journey through Serbia, as well as speaking nationally and internationally about his past adventures.


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Kevin has undertaken various expeditions on foot and by bicycle



Kevin has engaged and educated audiences through his talks both nationally and internationally



Read about Kevin’s past adventures through his blog, twitter feed and upcoming book

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Coming in 2015

In 2013, Kevin Shannon walked across Serbia. Twice.

Walking alone and carrying not much more than a camera, smartphone, spare clothes and sleeping bag he explored the country’s culture, food and wildlife. His goal? To discover the heart of Serbia.

By day he passed through mountains, rural villages, bustling cities and vast plains, breathing in the country’s stunning landscapes and interacting with strangers, from elderly farmers to powerful businessmen. By night he slept in fields or in the homes of welcoming strangers who offered their food, wisdom, hospitality and stories from the countries recent past.

Walk Serbia not only tells the story of Kevin’s journey, but helps to paint a portrait of a very different Serbia to the one portrayed in the media.


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