I’ve just returned from a weekend in London where i was very kindly donated a stand at Adventure Travel Live. In between nipping off to catch talks from some of the UK’s leading adventurer’s i managed to chat to some very nice people (some of whom i hope are now reading this blog). The showed also afforded me the opportunity to have chat’s with various people including a hero of mine and patrons of the expedition, Benedict Allen, who managed to spare 5 minutes for a quick chat before having to rush to meetings. I also spoke with Ed Wardle, of  Alone in the Wild fame, and Stephen Lord who is the author of the Cycle touring ‘bible‘, a must for anyone considering a cycling expedition.

I had a few enquiries regarding the situation with funding during the show. The situation is not good and some people have very kindly offered donations for the expedition. As requested i have put up a Individual Sponsors page, should you wish to make a donation. Also, if you or your company would like to get involved with the expedition then please feel free to drop me an email requesting a sponsorship proposal and i’ll send one over.