This is another quick update as i have a fair few bits to do this evening before i get some sleep.

So, things are really starting to get stressful here at Expedition HQ (my bedroom) and i’m running around doing last minute bits and pieces before i leave on the 24th. I’m still waiting for a couple of bits of equipment to be delievered including some goodies from Sennhesier and a couple of new sponsors yet to be announced.

On Saturday i went over to Kendal where i spent the day on an Outdoor based First Aid Course run by Fieldskills, a company who specialize in training and support to allow people to do safe and successful expeditions. The course lasted all day and really has given me a deeper knowledge of First Aid, which previously consisted of simply being able to strap up a wrist or an ankle. Even though the course ran all day, it certainly didn’t feel like it as Dom, the course leader, runs the course with practical exercises as opposed to a slideshow presentation with a couple of 10 minute sessions on how to bandage a knee or similar (unlike the a first aid course i did when i was in the Scouts).

If you heading out on an expedition and are looking for First Aid Training (or any other kind of training) Fieldskills should be your first choice.

Fieldskills First Aid Training

Dom, the Outdoor First Aid Course leader

Tomorrow i pick up my bike for the expedition which was very kindly bought for me by a supporter of the journey (Thank you!). More news on that soon….