Tedium. It’s the only word to really describe the past 2 weeks. My leg is still sore some days and cycling hurts a little, which means I’m not quite ready to hop back on the bike just yet. I’ve been using the time away from the expedition to search for the ever-elusive corporate sponsorship and have been working offline on site upgrades that I hope to implement before I start pedaling again.

Looking for a place to sleep

To try and help fight my restlessness i decided I needed to get out of the house and have a little ‘micro adventure’. I called up my friend Pye who, as always, was more than keen to head out overnight with just a few essentials.

Getting the fire going

I threw my kit into my old 35ltr rucksack, the same rucksack I’ve had throughout my childhood, which is still going strong today jumped in the car and headed off. We found a large wood and after 30 mins of walking through dense woodland we found the perfect area to pitch the tarp. We sat and chatted, gathered wood and lit a fire. We baked some damper bread in the embers of the fire and ate it with baked feta with chilli. I fell asleep to the sound of trees creaking in the wind and every now and again I’d hear a loud crack in the distance as a branch snapped in the strong wind.


And that was it. Morning came and we trekked back to the car and headed home. It wasn’t much but it was a break.