So i’m gearing up for a weekend away as part of my recovery and i thought i’d expand on a post i wrote for Al’s Blog last year about the kit i use for Micro Adventures.

Rucksack – I always try to extol the virtues of taking what you already have. I recently took a trip up into the loft (or attic) of my house to look through the camping equipment i used to use when i was younger. I was searching through the numerous rucksacks looking for anything that may be useful and i found my old day sack rolled up in the bottom of one of these rucksacks. I’ve had the daysack, a 35ltr Karrimor pack, for close to 15 years. I decided to make use of this ‘relic’ and take it with me on my little jaunts.

Sleeping Bag – I use my trusty Vango Ultralite whenever i’m camping.  OK so i’m sponsored by Vango and i’m supposed to use this sleeping bag but i was using a similar bag before the sponsorship came along. Inside i have a Sea to Summit thermal liner for the colder weather to add a few degrees to the bag. I also pack my inflatable sleeping mat, but if i know i’m sleeping somewhere where i can sleep on foliage i leave it at home where possible.

Bivi Bag – Recently i was very kindly sponsored by Alpkit. I love Alpkit products, especially the bivi bag they provided me with. Compared to my ex-army bivi bag i’d been using previously, it’s far more lightweight and actually more waterproof. It comes with a integrated netted stuff sack but i prefer to simply roll it up and drop it in the rucksack.

Poncho – I used to use a poncho and string it between 2 or 4 trees with a bit of paracord or some bungy cords. Now i use a tarp that came with my hammock. It’s lighter, has cord already built in and covers a large area which is great on those wetter days.

Cooking – I’ve perfected my fire lighting (flint and steel) skills in recent months and can get a fire going pretty quickly so i’ve eliminated the my stove from the kit list. I carry a pan from my Trangia 27 Cookset set with the pan handle and use that or sticks to cook my food. My fire lighting kit consists of a flint and steel, some cotton wool pads (for bad weather) and a storm lighter (for really bad weather!). I also carry water with me in two 1ltr Sigg bottles.

First aid – Even if i’m away just over night i always carry a mini first aid kit just in case anything happens. I have a small cloth bag, in which i throw a couple of plasters, a bandage, some duct tape wrapped round a old 35mm film case, a tub of parecatmol and some Ibruprofen gel. I also carry Wemmi’s in the kit although they are not just used for first aid. It won’t help with any major disasters but for any sprains or minor cuts it’s great.

Camera – My camera is a Nikon D40 D7000 which gets the job done. I also carry a fisheye lens and a small zoom lens. I don’t usually carry my camcorder to record footage as it just adds extra weight.

Other ‘bits and bobs’ – I always have my Blackberry so i can tweet which i keep in an Aquapac case. I also carry a 60gb iPod in an Aquapac case with my lovely new Sennheiser PMX 680’s. I generally don’t listen to music except when i’m in my sleeping bag, where it helps me to nod off. I carry a book with me at all times and a Moleskine notebook which doubles as my diary. Another handy tool is of course the headtorch; i usually don’t make camp until just before the sunsets so i need a torch to find my way around. Incase i can’t cook any food for any reason and for energy during the day i carry a couple of Mulebars. All this kit gets thrown into a small drysac so i don’t need to worry about my equipment in the weather.

Micro Adventure Kit

My micro adventure kit

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