Go into any cycling shop and you will see an array of powders, potions, gels and bars each designed to give you a boost of energy or to help you in some way when your out on your bike. Pick one of these energy bars or gels up, flip her over, read the ingredients and you become baffled. Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals. Now if you were too grab any Mulebar at random and read from the back and you will see a list of ingredients you can easily recognise, hell, you can even most find at your local supermarket! That’s because Mulebar’s are made from 100% natural ingredients. Pull apart a Hunza Nut Mulebar you can actually identify the chopped Apricots and pieces of Walnut – can you say the same about your average energy bar?

Back in 2002 Alex and Jimmy, the owners of Mulebar, were half way up a mountain when they hit upon the idea of creating an energy bar with real ingredients struck them. 8 years later they are still going strong with a varied range of flavours, from Chocolate Fig Fiesta to Apple Strudel, and a wide range of top athletes benefiting from their products.

The guys sent me a selection of their bars back in 2008 and they became a must have bit of kit for any of my micro adventures or training trips i undertook. I even carry some with me on the bike at the moment, although i’m slowly running out. Do the bars give you energy? Hell yeah! When i was on my 2 day training trips for the expedition i would always carry several mulebars in my pack as a snack and if i was out for the day riding i would literally just take a couple of mulebars in my handlebar bag for my lunch. Would you consider eating a regular energy bar as a snack? Probably not, would i eat a Mulebar as a snack? Yup, and i do! I used to to take one to work as my mid afternoon snack.

But what i really like about Mulebar is the stance the company takes on the environment. They are members of the ‘1% of the planet’, an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their yearly revenue to environmental organsations around the globe. Not only that but they also try to use organic and Fairtrade ingredients wherever possible and are committed to making all their ingredients Fairtrade and Organic eventually! Alex has also assured me that they will be definitely be switching to bio-degradable packaging sometime in the future – another bonus for the eco conscious of you out there.

Interested in trying a Mulebar? Head over to Amazon and order a trial pack