Lightweight equipment was never really at the forefront of my mind whilst planning my cycling expedition. My thoughts were that the equipment simply had to last and take a battering during such a long journey. I knew my bike could take the weight (which it did very well) and i knew that it didn’t matter how fast or slow i went – it was all about the journey. The photo below testifies to the sheer amount of equipment i had.


The bike

It should be worth noting that i was expecting to cross through Russia or Central Asia in extremely cold temperatures so i had a down jacket and some other warm clothing which took up a lot space.

With my next expedition, which involves walking from the North to the South of Serbia, i want to pack light. In fact i NEED to pack light. The journey is about 600 mile (conservatively) and although i’m not looking to speed my way through the country, i don’t want to be going at a snails pace. Plus i don’t want to think too much about the weight as i’m going.

Being on foot doesn’t allow for extravagances; “it’s fine because it’s not very heavy” is not longer in my vocab. Just a sleeping bag, something to cook with, a spare change of clothes and my camera, plus a bag to pop it all in. If it’s not going to keep me warm and/or alive then it’s redundant.

I don’t think i’m quite at the stage where i’m weighing each bit of kit but i’m certainly very conscious. I also like the challenge of finding wallet friendly and lightweight equipment. The planning is always a very exciting part of the expedition.

If any one has suggestions for ways to make my equipment as light as possible i’m all ears…