One of Walk Serbia’s primary goals was to take more photos than my previous trip. This was for two reasons; firstly, to improve my photography, and secondly, to potentially self publish a coffee table from my journeys (although it might be just my mum who buys one). But one of the major worries was that i’d be attracting unwanted attention by walking around and flashing a hefty DSLR camera that costs four times as much as the average monthly wage in Serbia. I didn’t fear that i would be mugged and robbed but it still pays to be cautious.
So i decided to make my camera to look as crap as possible to hopefully make the camera look a little less appealing to any opportunist thefts out there. Of course any thief who also moonlighted as a David Bailey of sorts would be able to spot the camera might be worth something. So, cue the tape and paracord.

I’d originally seen this method on Cass Gilbert’s (fantastic) blog and thought i’d give it a go.

The first thing i did was to dig out an old length of Paracord which is very strong and reliable which makes it an amazing substitute for your heavily branded camera strap.I also nipped and out bought a roll of Gaffa tape to cover any logos and also to make the camera look as if it’s being around the block and needs some tape to keep it from falling apart in your hands. Gaffa tape is the best solution as it’s designed to be pulled off without leaving any sticky residue on the surface it was stuck to. It’s nearly as strong as Duct tape but leaves less mess in the end.

The first step is to cover any logos which is the first step in losing the unwanted attention to you beloved camera.

The start applying pieces of gaffa tape to various areas of the camera – but be careful not to cover any buttons, switches or moving parts that could affect your camera’s function.

One of the biggest giveaways that your camera may be by a particular brand is the strap. If you can afford to buy an unbranded one then buy one, but personally, attaching a little paracord in place of the strap gives it more of a ‘shitty’ look.

Don’t forget to dull down the logo on the lens cap – i just scratched mine with a scourer.

And there you have it. OK, so it won’t fool every thief out there, but if you in a crowd of tourists snapping away your going to be less of a target than the chap draped in branded gear.