After a couple of nights in Novi Sad in the same hostel where i stayed back in February i was back on the road.


A lack of sleep due to relentless heat and even more relentless mosquitoes led me to grab my gear and hit the road at 4am. I was headed for Subotica.

Walking through a city in the early hours is always interesting and you get a completely different feel for the city as you walk through the empty streets with nothing but snoozing dogs to keep you company.


On the outskirts of the city i sat under a tree to rest my already tired feet. I sat looking at my surroundings. Four Months ago as far as the eye could see where fields of brown. Now i was surrounded by flourishing fields full of corn, sunflowers and a variety of crops. The flat lands of Vojvodina were a lot nicer to look at this time around.


The heat was relentless around midday making the road ahead shimmer, and my pace slowed down. Luckily the early start had allowed me to make the most of the cool morning and i’d already covered my usual amount for the the day, making it possible to make the town of Backa Topola, which was, before, two days walk away minimum. I had accommodation for the night and the offer a visit to a beer festival should i be able to get there.


I pushed on through the day, resting every other kilometer under a shaded tree or in petrol station while the thermometer was hitting 36 degrees. As the day grew shorter, the temperature began to sink a little but not much.

But what was worse, was that my moral was dipping which i put down to seeing the same sights again. It was the same road, the same trees, the same cafes, same everything.


That evening with sore feet and a sore ankle i was sat in a bar sipping an ice cold Jelen beer on the high street of Backa Topola with my host Huba