It’s been a few months since my last post and a lot has happened since. So why the silence?

Well the answer is simple. I’ve been busy. Very busy.

After i returned to the UK i was thrown back into my usual work. Design. On returning from Serbia in March of this year i decided to start a small creative design studio with my long time friend. And we worked on during the time between expeditions, with a view to go full steam after i returned from my second journey through Serbia. On returning we started to gather speed and build up a client base and everything was good. But then the partnership broke apart and i lost a business partner (and even worse, a good friend) and was left in limbo with no clients…..for a few days until the company inbox started to explode and i was inundated with work. There was enough for three people, let alone two. And so i was left to running my own business.
I say running but it was more like jumping on the back of a bucking bronco and riding it out. Everything else was thrown by the wayside including writing my beloved book.

Now that everything “at work” has become very manageable it’s time to get back on to the book. With a goal of waking up earlier each day to specifically write i hope to get the first draft done sooner rather than later.

Another thing i’m looking to add to my diary is public speaking. After speaking in Serbia in July at Exit Festival and ‘Rebranding Serbia’ Conference i kind of caught the speaking bug and whereas i used to shy away from such things, i’d like to start doing more and more talks about my expedition(s) so i now have a public speaking page. My first talk of 2014 is going to be at the Serbian Council of Great Britain’s AGM at the Serbian Embassy at the end of February which should be fun.

And lastly, i’m working on a top secret project with the people from Exit Festival which i’m very excited about…

Moving forward i’m planning to keep this blog update a little more and as we move into spring i’ve eyed up a couple of microadventures….after all i can see welsh mountains from my house so it would be rather rude not to pay the place a visit…