And i’m back! To be specific, i’m back in Belgrade staying with friends. I’m in Serbia for a week for ‘business’. Tearing myself away from my new company, Chips and Gravy Studios, i hopped onto a busy budget flight to Budapest and then an equally busy minibus to Belgrade. Tomorrow i head up to Novi Sad, Serbia’s ‘Second City’ where i’ll be speaking at the Global Adventure Conference (but more about that another time..) as well as enjoying some live music at Exit Festival. I’ll also be gorging on Pljeskavica, Jelen Pivo and Burek while i’m here!

It’s been a while since i’ve done much with my website as ‘work’ has taken over but with my book for Walk Serbia well under way and the hunt for speaking engagements under way also i thought it was time to update the website a little (although it’s still a work in progress) as it was looking a little dated.