As some of you may know, last year i walked through Serbia (twice). It was an amazing journey through a rather misunderstood country, and i had the opportunity to meet fantastic people, from elderly farmers and young city folk, to politicians and businessmen. My journey took me through some of the most amazing scenery, through beautifully rustic villages high in the mountains in the south and the seemingly never ending plains of the north. My goal was simple. To travel through Serbia on foot with the hope of learning a little more about what makes the country tick. By meeting the real people of the country. And i did. I was welcomed into strangers homes, shared their meals (and the odd drink), enjoyed their hospitality and swapped stories.

I made it quite public that i wanted to write a book about my little jaunt. Partly because i’ve always wanted to write a book, but mainly because i felt that i needed to, not so much defend, but honour a country that had been extremely courteous to me in my travels. Now, don’t get me wrong, i’m not a propaganda boy and i won’t be painting a perfect picture of Serbia, because quite frankly, it’s not perfect – but what country is? But i will be telling MY story of Serbia.

So, if you’re interested in the book even slightly then please head over to and sign up for infrequent updates, free chapters and a discount on the final book.serbia book

As a side note I will be making myself available for all sorts of interviews, talks etc should anybody be interested.