In late February the funds from the Kickstarter campaign reached my Bank and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Thanks to many people on this mailing list (and many not on this list) the project is moving forward slowly but steadily. I’m in the last few days of writing, reviewing and rewriting my manuscript before I will hand it over to my good friends Scot who will then have the arduous task of professionally editing my writing. Exciting stuff!

I’m currently in a self-imposed exile in Belgrade while I finish the book away from the the distractions of my two cats. I spent this past weekend at a fantastic conference called Webiz which takes place each year in the small Serbian town of Zrenjanin where I spoke about how social media helped to shape my expedition and indeed now the book. I asked the organisers that arranged my trip if my flight home could be delayed for a week so I could finish the book here in Serbia and attend to some book business. Using the always amazing Airbnb I’ve rented a small, one bedroom, apartment for just £16 a night that’s a stones throw away from Knez Mihailova Street in the centre of Belgrade.

Spending a little time here finishing the book is turning out to be of great benefit to my writing because i’m immersed in Serbia and enjoying Serbian delicacies which is helping to trigger memories and feelings from my time here in the country.
I also have an awesome routine in place. Each morning I wander down to a little cafe to grab an espresso and enjoy the morning hustle and bustle of the city. I then head back to the apartment (not before grabbing some Burek) for more writing. At lunchtime I either make something in the kitchen or grab a cheap slice of pizza (that costs me less than one euro) before heading back for more writing. My evenings are spent catching up with good friends.

On Saturday I will be flying home so the goal is to have everything finished and the final draft done by the time I board the plane so I guess I had better get back to writing.