I’m in a sort of strange post-kickstarter limbo. On one side I’m ecstatic that we reached and surpassed the campaign target but on the other I’m sat around waiting for the funds to reach my account to start the final part of the project. It can take over two weeks for the funds to be processed and transferred to my bank so we’re looking at early next week before I can actually start ‘doing’. This is leaving me with a lot of time on my hands.

There is, however, an upside to this post-kickstarter limbo I’ve found myself in as I’ve started to plan future escapades and flesh out ideas that have been rattling around my head for a few weeks now. I thought i’d share with some of these with you.

Guided Trips/Expeditions

Some of you may have seen that on my various social media page that I’ve mentioned guided trips i’m planning in Serbia. To be specific, these are guided walking expeditions. Now, please understand that I’m not looking to start my own travel guiding business as there are already some awesome companies out there. Instead, I’ll be offering 1 or 2 opportunities a year for people to join me on a 5-6 day trek/expedition through my favourite parts of Serbia. There will be limited spaces (maximum of 8-10 per journey) and you’ll be able to spend time on an expedition with myself. Included in the cost of these journeys will be accommodation, food, excursions, transport from Belgrade a goody bag of essentials and all that good stuff. I need to flesh these expeditions out in more details but expect more information to come soon! If you are interested head over to this page and signup to that mailing list to be the first to grab the opportunity when it arises.

Serbia Travel Guide

Every couple of days I’ll get a email asking about tips for traveling through Serbia, places to stay, etc. I really do enjoy being able to offer insights into the country and recommended places to stay and eat, but it is very time consuming to reply to these emails. So, I decided that perhaps I should compile a list of places to stay and eat and things to do throughout Serbia as a kind of accessible guide for people. Of course, I haven’t been everywhere and seen everything but as time goes on, this list will start to grow as I explore more and more of the country. Plus, I’ll be inviting people to recommend places they love which I can add to the database also. This will also be an opportunity for small restaurants, guest houses, hostels and the like to get their name out there!
I’ll be building this site over the next couple of months with a view to launching in April/May so if you want to get your business involved then please do drop me a line.