On Sunday evening I sat anxiously watching the Kickstarter campaign’s last few seconds until the campaign finished and a huge “Congratulations” popped up on the screen. I had done – correction – WE had done it. Months of writing, weeks of planning and then 28 days of hardcore promotion had all come to an end and the stress of wondering if the book would be fully funded or not had been answered.

The final amount was a huge £8,051 from and amazing 276 backers which is £1500 over what was needed.

All I can say is thank you! Thank you to everyone who backed the project, thank you to everyone who shared the project and thank you to everyone who simply emailed to wish me luck. I am incredibly humbled by your support.

Next, I’ll be waiting for the funds to arrive in my bank (which will take a couple of weeks) and then I can start the process of finishing the book with a view to getting them into your hands by mid May.

I’ll be keeping you updated on the process of finishing the book so you can see all the work that goes into creating a book.

But for now i’ll sign off by simply saying one more Thank you!