It seems like a lifetime since my last update and seems even longer since I took first step into the complicated world of self publishing.

When planning the project I set the estimated date that the book would reach everyone that pledged to the relevant tiers or pre-ordered the book as May but I think I may have underestimated. I, rather selfishly, wanted the book finished book in my hand by the time I turned 30. I turned 30 on the 22nd May and still the book isn’t in my hands.

I finished the manuscript at the beginning of April after 10 days in isolation in a tiny apartment in Belgrade to finish the the book and have spent the days since then editing (and editing and editing) as something just didn’t feel right once I read it all back as a completed piece. It all felt a little disjointed and not as smooth as I had imagined. So, I decided to work through the book chapter by chapter and have been stuck in the editing process for quite while.

I want the paperback to be the best it can be and I don’t want to deliver a sub-par book. It would be unfair to my faithful backers and supporters and would be unfair to the story also. As this is my first Kickstarter campaign I feel I have made a common mistake many kickstarter creators make, which is to underestimate the time it would take to finish the project. I put this down as a learning curve for myself and for those disappointed in not receiving the book yet I apologise profusely but I can’t wait for you to read it.

Ever considered a slightly more adventurous trip to Serbia? I’m in the process of organising guided walking trips to Serbia. They will cater for fitness levels of all sizes and each trip will last 4-6 days. Whether you want a true wilderness experience with camping and eating over open fires or a walking tour stopping at to enjoy authentic serbian cuisine and fine wines with stops in traditional Serbian houses.

I get asked on numerous occasions what my next expedition will be and I’m excited to announce I’ll be pedaling across Kazahkstan with my friend Scot Whitlock in September. We’ll be working on a book together as well as, rather excitingly, filming the project to air on a channel here in the UK.