As some may know I not only write about my journeys but I also give talks about them. I’ve given talks all over the UK and also in Serbia at various conferences and events. Whilst at the pub with a friend (where all my best/worst ideas are born) he asked if I’m doing a book tour. Now, of course I’m looking to give a couple of talks here and there but I wouldn’t call it ‘a book tour’ but my friend got me thinking…

“What if I could do a big book tour”

If I wanted to give a talk outside of the UK there are expenses for travel and there is the logistics – and I am of course just one person. So, on the back of a beer mat I made notes of how it could and would have to work.

– I would need someone in each city somewhere to help with logistics for that specific talk
– I would have to charge for tickets to the talk to help cover the costs of transport and accomodation (mainly hostels)
– I would need between 100-150 people to come to each talk.

That would allow me to tell my story to a wider audience that would be interested in hearing my story and learn more about Serbia plus It would enable me to promote the book and ultimately how amazing Serbia is via local press wherever I am in the world.

Isn’t about time time we started to shove it in people’s faces how amazing Serbia is?

The Serbian Diaspora are spread all over the world but are focused heavily in the following places:

– The USA (Boston, New York, Chicago mainly I believe)
– Canada
– Australia
– United Arab Emirates
– Various places in Europe

So my question to you is this: are you based in one of these places, do you belong to an organization/school/business (although it’s not a necessity) and would you like to help me to create what could be the first world book tour by an independent author and an author talking about how amazing Serbia is? If so, drop me a line and let’s talk!

Perhaps your university has a Balkan focused society?
Maybe your business could benefit from a motivational talk about an average guy walking the length of a country (twice)?
Maybe you would just like to help organise a talk in your hometown? Again, drop me a line!