Who’d have thought a book would be this time consuming. I wake and thinking about the book. I drink coffee and I’m thinking about the book. If I go for a walk I’m thinking about the book. I’m living and breathing the book constantly. I’m in a constant state of editing (and possibly overthinking). On one side of things, I’m looking to create the best book possible for my backers, and other the side of things I’m looking to finish the book as soon as possible, again, for the backers.The pressure is immense.

Myself and the editor Scot are back and forth with the book ensuring it tells the right story – the story of the true Serbia and in comparison to the chapters I had a month or so ago it has improved.

I can only apologise for the delay in getting this book to you. It must be frustrating as a backer but I’m excited to share the book with you. I’ll also be sharing the tidbits and photos in the coming days from the editing process (which consists mainly of sitting in coffee shops hacking away at my laptop?