“Would you recommend walking through Serbia to others”
It’s a question i’m asked regularly when I speak about my walks through Serbia and my answer is of course yes! It got me thinking, why don’t more people come to Serbia for walking holidays? A quick google search revealed that companies specialising in these trips that focus solely on Serbia were few and far between.
Why couldn’t I be that person to help people to enjoy everything that the country has to offer, after all, i’ve dedicated then past few years to promoting the country. So i began to research and reach out to contacts and realised that the reality is I can offer these trips – so i’m in the process of organising the first one or two and we’ll see how it all goes from there!

Now, what will these trips actually involve? Are they for you? Who are they for exactly? Will you need to be extra fit?

The goal is to create a diverse range of trips to fit the needs of wide range of people so there is something for everyone. Each trip will be themed and current ‘themes’ I have in mind include:

– Cuisine and fine wine

– Wildlife and wildflowers

– Wilderness and Bushcraft

Your fitness levels will not have to be that of an Olympic athlete either! We’ll be travelling approximately 10-20km a day (dependent on the terrain) with plenty of rest stops and you’ll be carrying just a small daypack with lunch and water as all your luggage will be forwarded to that nights accommodation.

Speaking of accommodation, for the most part it will be in small hotels, traditional Serbian homes and guest houses. For the more adventurous there will be camping trips which will be more akin to an expedition experience.

Group sizes will be small with maximum group sizes of 10-12 and you’ll be guided by myself and a team I’m putting together that will include english speaking local guides and experts who are all well trained in first aid, navigation, etc.
These trips are being designed with a specific type of person in mind – People who live outside of Serbia (and perhaps even in Serbia) who would like to come and have a vacation/holiday experience that is a little different to the norm – something they will be talking about for years to come!

For one inclusive price, you will arrive in Belgrade where you will be taken to a hotel for the first evening with the rest of the group for a meet and great, an introduction to the team, a traditional Serbian meal and a tour of Belgrade before a good nights sleep in a Belgrade hotel. In the morning we would hop in the mini bus to out first location where we would start the walk. The days will be spent walking through stunning scenery and the evenings spent sleeping in local guesthouses and the like. All the food and drink will be included, as well as the accommodation, transport within the country and entry into any local attractions that might be part of the tour. Essentially, you’ll arrive and just started enjoying your holiday straight away!

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