I just stumbled across this stunning video from directors Malwina and Michal Kolatek on Vimeo. The video really highlights the Serbia using stunning cinematography from all over the country.

Here’s what the duo had to say about the project:

“When we read a post about ’37 reasons why you shouldn’t come to Serbia’ along with breathtaking pictures our minds blew away. Wow! Is it really Serbia? Is it there so beautifully? We realized that we didn’t know about this country too much. And then we got an impulse. We’ve just decided that we need to visit Serbia to find out if it will impress us as well.

During 14 days we have moved to a different world. The world where primary role was played by the people we met at every step while we were working on our video footage. They gave us a something really precious,
deficient product of present – a dose of sincere, genuine emotions. They opened their warm hearts without expecting anything in return. One thing is certain about this country. You can’t deny the authenticity of Serbia, and we hope that it will remain so as long as possible.

Project ‘Serbia – Land Coloured With Life’ is a video completed in using various cinematography techniques. You’ll find here motion controlled time lapses, hyper lapses, drone shots. We put in it all hearts, working from dawn to dusk, shedding many droplets of sweat, overcoming the boundaries of our weaknesses, learning at the same patience and humility.”