The Benefits of Waking Early

For the past few months i’ve been waking up early. For those who don’t know I run my little creative design studio from a home office which means I can simply fall out of bed, grab a shower, make a cup of coffee and start working straight away. No commute, no problem!...

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2014 in Review & Plans for 2015

Looking back on 2014 2014 was, by most accounts, a quiet year for me with regards to adventure. Whereas i would usually spend a fair few nights out under the stars during the year, this year i haven’t spent one night out. Usually i would spend more time out on my bike...

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My Five Favourite Cycling Expedition Books

Recently I was going through my piles of books, many of which i hadn't read for a little while, and decided to put aside the books that i wanted to read again. I've put together a few quick posts featuring my favourite books starting with my five favourite cycling...

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Walk Serbia: The Book…Coming Soon

As some of you may know, last year i walked through Serbia (twice). It was an amazing journey through a rather misunderstood country, and i had the opportunity to meet fantastic people, from elderly farmers and young city folk, to politicians and businessmen. My...

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Macaskill vs. The Cuillin Ridgeline

Another amazing video from Danny Macaskill has just surfaced. This time it become The Cuillin Ridgeline on the Isle of Skye, Macaskills native home, it what must be his most 'death-defying' video yet....

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Back to my Second Home

And i'm back! To be specific, i'm back in Belgrade staying with friends. I'm in Serbia for a week for 'business'. Tearing myself away from my new company, Chips and Gravy Studios, i hopped onto a busy budget flight to Budapest and then an equally busy minibus to...

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Why the Silence?

It's been a few months since my last post and a lot has happened since. So why the silence? Well the answer is simple. I've been busy. Very busy. After i returned to the UK i was thrown back into my usual work. Design. On returning from Serbia in March of this year i...

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A Belated Finale Message

It's been a couple of weeks since i returned from Serbia but it seems like just yesterday that i was sat on a curb tucking into a tasty Pljeskavica and sipping an ice cold Jelen on my last day of the walk. People are often quick to congratulate on the task of walking...

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To the Finish line (in style)

Two days in Backa Topola had passed. I'd meant to stay for one night and then leave. But hospitality and the opportunity to enjoy one of many festivals in Serbia caused me to overstay.   I'd met Huba back in February when i passed through the town of Backa Topola...

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Kevin is an Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Writer. He's pedalled 10,000km across Europe and has walked across Serbia (twice).

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