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Kevin Shannon – Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker

Because It Is There is the home of Kevin Shannon, an Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker. His Adventures include cycling 10,000 miles to the end of Europe and back and walking the length of Serbia twice.

Kevin writes about his experiences for various publications and is currently completing his first book. He also speaks nationally and internationally about his adventures and how they helped to shape his life.


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Why I want to start Walking Trips in Serbia

“Would you recommend walking through Serbia to others” It’s a question i’m asked regularly when I speak about my walks through Serbia and my answer is of course yes! It got me thinking, why don’t more people come to Serbia for walking holidays? A quick google search...

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Who said writing a book was easy?

Who'd have thought a book would be this time consuming. I wake and thinking about the book. I drink coffee and I'm thinking about the book. If I go for a walk I'm thinking about the book. I'm living and breathing the book constantly. I'm in a constant state of editing...

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Is a Speaking Tour Possible?

As some may know I not only write about my journeys but I also give talks about them. I've given talks all over the UK and also in Serbia at various conferences and events. Whilst at the pub with a friend (where all my best/worst ideas are born) he asked if I'm doing...

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