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Kevin Shannon – Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker

Because It Is There is the home of Kevin Shannon, an Adventurer, Writer & Motivational Speaker. His Adventures include cycling 10,000 miles to the end of Europe and back and walking the length of Serbia twice.

Kevin writes about his experiences for various publications and is currently completing his first book. He also speaks nationally and internationally about his adventures and how they helped to shape his life.


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A Much Needed Update

It seems like a lifetime since my last update and seems even longer since I took first step into the complicated world of self publishing. When planning the project I set the estimated date that the book would reach everyone that pledged to the relevant tiers or...

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We Did It!

On Sunday evening I sat anxiously watching the Kickstarter campaign's last few seconds until the campaign finished and a huge "Congratulations" popped up on the screen. I had done - correction - WE had done it. Months of writing, weeks of planning and then 28 days of...

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Post-Kickstarter Limbo

I’m in a sort of strange post-kickstarter limbo. On one side I’m ecstatic that we reached and surpassed the campaign target but on the other I’m sat around waiting for the funds to reach my account to start the final part of the project. It can take over two weeks for...

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