Walk Serbia

The plan was simple. To walk through Serbia

On February 4th 2013, i started my expedition to discover Serbia. The goal was quite simply to walk through Serbia to learn more about the country, people and everything. I spent a month in February walking 500 kilometers to the South of Serbia from the city of Subotica in the north. Accompanied by the wind and cold weather i was introduced to amazing people and hospitality along my route, from the flats of Vojovodina, to the hustle and bustle of Novi Sad and Belgrade, and then the stark yet stunning South East of Serbia. My second journey in July took me from the southernly city of Prijepolje, through mountainous west of the country where temperatures soared into the 40’s and breaks under plum trees with locals sharing ice cold beers were more than welcome. I spent 5 weeks with walking north experiencing the exciting Serbian summer before finishing my expedition in the exact spot i began my journey in the city of vojovodina.

Not carrying much more than a camera, smartphone, spare clothes and sleeping bag i explored the countries culture, food and wildlife in more depth than i could have if i had been traveling via car or bus, and so, was able to form a better idea of a country that is known predominately for War.

People throughout Serbia and around the world followed the expedition through my Blog, or by following either me using ME or #WalkSerbia on twitter or through other social media like Flickr and Instagram.

Now, a year on, i’m in the midst of writing my book about Walk Serbia, as well as giving talks both in the UK and further afield about Serbia and my Journey.


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