No Coastline Needed

One of the questions I'm asked about Serbia most often, usually by people with no prior knowledge of the country, is does it have a coastline? Now I can perhaps illustrate why Serbia needs no coastline. I stumbled across the video by Nenad Maric and it's a great...

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My name’s Kev and I suffer from Clinical Depression

This is not easy to admit in the slightest but I suffer from depression. To be honest, I didn’t want to admit it to myself let alone stick this up on a public forum but a series of events have led me to the point where a Facebook contact convinced me to go public....

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Serbia – Land Coloured with Life

I just stumbled across this stunning video from directors Malwina and Michal Kolatek on Vimeo. The video really highlights the Serbia using stunning cinematography from all over the country. Here's what the duo had to say about the project: "When we read a post about...

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Why I want to start Walking Trips in Serbia

“Would you recommend walking through Serbia to others” It’s a question i’m asked regularly when I speak about my walks through Serbia and my answer is of course yes! It got me thinking, why don’t more people come to Serbia for walking holidays? A quick google search...

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Who said writing a book was easy?

Who'd have thought a book would be this time consuming. I wake and thinking about the book. I drink coffee and I'm thinking about the book. If I go for a walk I'm thinking about the book. I'm living and breathing the book constantly. I'm in a constant state of editing...

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Is a Speaking Tour Possible?

As some may know I not only write about my journeys but I also give talks about them. I've given talks all over the UK and also in Serbia at various conferences and events. Whilst at the pub with a friend (where all my best/worst ideas are born) he asked if I'm doing...

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A Much Needed Update

It seems like a lifetime since my last update and seems even longer since I took first step into the complicated world of self publishing. When planning the project I set the estimated date that the book would reach everyone that pledged to the relevant tiers or...

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We Did It!

On Sunday evening I sat anxiously watching the Kickstarter campaign's last few seconds until the campaign finished and a huge "Congratulations" popped up on the screen. I had done - correction - WE had done it. Months of writing, weeks of planning and then 28 days of...

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Post-Kickstarter Limbo

I’m in a sort of strange post-kickstarter limbo. On one side I’m ecstatic that we reached and surpassed the campaign target but on the other I’m sat around waiting for the funds to reach my account to start the final part of the project. It can take over two weeks for...

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Exiled in Belgrade

In late February the funds from the Kickstarter campaign reached my Bank and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Thanks to many people on this mailing list (and many not on this list) the project is moving forward slowly but steadily. I'm in the last few days of...

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About Kev

Kevin is an Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Writer. He's pedalled 10,000km across Europe and has walked across Serbia (twice).

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