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Are you looking for a speaker that will ignite and entertain your audience?


Whether speaking to a room of 20 or 2000, I can enthrall, excite and inspire your audience with tales from the road. If you're looking for a speaker who is honest, open and frank, with a little humour thrown in for good measure, then i'm your man.

From wolf attacks in Northern Turkey in the depths of winter, to talking his way out of conflict with Neo Nazis, my  tales will give your audience a real taste of adventure and struggle.

Through my talks I show people how anyone can accomplish the seemingly impossible, exceed their own personal limits, bounce back from failure and quite simply get stuff done.

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“His walk in Serbia has very clearly endeared him to the people as much as he has endeared himself to the country. And his amazing stories of making new friends and friendships in a foreign land is a testimony to that.”

Sudhir John Horo – IdeaWorks Design & Strategy

Topics available for talks include:

  • Dream Big (and execute!)
  • From Slob to Cyclist: 10,000km Across Europe by Bicycle
  • Moonshine and Minefields: On Foot though Serbia
  • What Adventure taught me about business
  • Learning from Failure

So what do I actually talk about?

I can cater my talks dependent on the audience and theme of the event. For an adventure or travel themed event I can talk your audience through my journeys across Europe by bicycle and walks across Serbia, peppering the stories with humorous anecdotes from the road and tales of touching moments from strangers along the way.

Or perhaps you're looking to motivate your team or school?  Despite the fact that during my own time at school I was always last to be picked for team sports but as an overweight and unfit graduate I still managed to pedal 10,000km! My adventures provide the perfect opportunity for students to learn about Geography, Cultural Studies, PE, and the importance of not giving up.

Or perhaps you have a business orientated audience and want to hear how life lessons from my expeditions helped me in business?


  • Expeditions shaped by Social Media
  • Finding Your Own Everest
  • Inspire the youth of today to push themselves
  • Endurance and Exploration
  • Impossible is Potential

Kevin gave a very interesting presentation at Re:branding Serbia Conference, drawing a conclusion that PEOPLE are actually the national brand of Serbia

Jelena Farkić - University of Novi Sad

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